SPOTCLUST Complex Families  [Please cite]

This section contains the identified spoligotyping families. Please click here to learn about how a SpolDB3-based model was initialized and here to learn about how Randomly initialized model was seeded.

EAI3,     LAM3,    Haarlem1,    Beijing,   X2,    LAM4,    T4,    X3,   EAI5,   BCG,    Family 34,   Family 33,  EAI2,   M. africanum,    Family 36,  T3,   LAM9,   LAM8,   Haarlem2,   T1,   LAM10,   Haarlem3,  H37Rv,   T2,   X1,   LAM7,   EAI1,   EAI4,  S,   LAM1,   LAM2,   LAM5,   M. microti,    LAM6

M. tuberculosis LAM2

This is a Sequence Logo of LAM2 spoligotypes.
S indicates present spacer, N indicates absent spacer. For more information on sequence logos, 
please click the link at the bottom of this page. Stability = 0.16

NY State NumberNumber of occurrencesProbabilityBinary formatOctal formatCountry of origin
NY_S00074 72 0.82 1101111111110111111100001111111100001111111 677737607760771 USA/Czech
NY_S00265 2 0.82 1101111011110111111100001111111100001111111 675737607760771 USA
NY_S00077 7 0.82 1101111111110111111100001111101100001111111 677737607660771 USA
NY_S01223 2 0.82 1100111111000000111100001111111100001101111 637403607760671 USA
NY_S00011 2 0.82 1101111111110111111100001111111100001110111 677737607760731 USA
NY_S00476 7 0.82 1101111111110111111100001111111100001110000 677737607760700 USA
NY_S00816 2 0.81 1001111111110111111100001111111100001111111 477737607760771 USA

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